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Spanish Residency
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The Investor visa automatically grants residency in Spain when the applicant makes an investment in the country for the purchase of one or more properties. The amount to be invested shall be € 500,000 free of charges and encumbrance. Golden-Visa

Unlike other types of residence, this does not require you to stay in the country residing for 6 months. Having travelled to Spain at least once is enough to keep it valid.

You can request it with your family, children under 18 years of age or dependents, who belong to the same family unit.

It can be requested before the consulate located in your country of residency. Such permit will be initially granted for one year, and it can be renewed for 2 years, and then for 5 years. If this visa or permit is requested from Spain, the initial investor residence permit would be for 2 years and subsequently to be renewed for 5 years.

In addition to the investment, you shall prove that you have enough financial means to stay and live in the country, with a monthly amount of 4 times the iprem (€ 532) for each family member.

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