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If you have decided that you want to work for someone else in Spain then you must register as a self-employed person, both in AEAT and in Social Security.
You can benefit in certain cases from the flat rate of 60 euros per month in certain cases.
The registration process can be complex and clients are often in a rush to get started as soon as possible, which is why we offer our 3-day freelance registration service.


This service includes:

1. Obtaining the tax identification number (TAX)
2. Digital certificate
3. The assignment of a social security affiliation number
4. The registration of your economic activities before the AEAT
5. Registering as self-employed before the social security.
In order to register, you must have a bank account in Spain, if at the time of your application you do not have one, we can also provide you with this service, quickly and efficiently.

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